The rain cleared the fog in my head, and the deerfly made me run.

(This is an article written 3 years ago, still relevant today…)

After 15 years in business today I realized something. I am a success.

I realized that I have helped people achieve business growth. I have made a difference in people’s lives. I do know what I am talking about.

I am a serial entrepreneur. From an early age I was constantly thinking of new ways to make money, to sell things, to help people.

Spending a rainy day inside the cottage at first was something that I was disappointed in. How could I have rain on my holidays? We were supposed to be outside, swimming, fishing, boating and enjoying the rays of the sun. How could I have a rainy day?

But then, with the help of my friend Mike Stelzner I realized something. I realized that people and business grow and change and that you need to grow and change with them. But with the growth and the change you don’t need to loose sight of what you originally stood for. Why you started your own business.

As a serial entrepreneur I am never happy with where I am at. I am always wanting more. My problem is that I fight it. I fight my nature and while I am fighting that I am actually going backward more than I am going forward.

What the fly made me realize (as I was dancing down the road trying to escape it’s bite) is that health is a big part of long term success. Your health. Many business owners neglect their own health while striving to create a healthy business. Now this may be a reflection of the last days of my holidays but here’s some advice I urge you all to take:

1. Start and end each day on a positive note
2. Be happy for others good fortune and help them brag about it
3. Plan Free days into your schedule, they are really important for brain refreshers
4. Don’t ignore customer complaints; they make you a better person
5. Always take time to breathe. Working like a dog may produce short term results but it creates long term issues in the rest of your life

There is a lot of new stuff out there and the world is getting smaller. Embrace the change, look inward at your greatest skills and retool them for now.

Now get out there and run!



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