What Have You Done Lately? Motivating Yourself for Change – 5 Helpful Links to Get You Back On Track

Ever have those days/weeks/months when you find yourself staring blindly at the computer screen or into space? What about finding that you are flitting from one thing to another without actually accomplishing anything?

Well, you my friend are experiencing a lack of motivation. There are usually a few contributing factors to this, but the best way that we have found to get yourself out of that funk, is to do something that you like to do (for me it’s cleaning believe it or not – instant sense of accomplishment).

Here are 5 great motivational things, to get you back on track and motivate you for change and success in your life.

1. Running Motivation, do you want to change the BAD enough? A great short video of inspiration.

2. One of the most motivational videos that was created a few years ago – an oldie but a goodie that’s for sure!

3. You are what you eat, so here’s a great blog about eating your way to motivation.

4. The Dip by Seth Godin – One of the smallest most influential books of all time written to get you out of the funk and on to greatness.

5. Life Hacker wrote a great blog about Motivation and how to get yourself going again.

Hoping that we’ve helped you to get back on track and doing great things!



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