You need to be at “I Am The Boss Training Event and Conference

Supporting Women and Mom’s to find harmony between HOME, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND BUSINESS. These are exciting times to be a woman in business. And it is always a good time to be a mom!

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend I Am The Boss

#1: It’s a great place to network with like-minded business owners
This is a full day event, so the people that attend with you are there all day. And what that means is that you can get to know them. Come away with some real relationships with people that will become part of your support network.

#2: GREAT speakers and panelists, who you will connect with
Our interview style for our hand-picked speakers will bring you closer to these people who have gone through the efforts of building a business and who are still working at it. They aren’t unreachable people on the stage, after we interview them, you can ask them specific questions and get the answers you are looking for.

#3: We Foster an Interactive Environment and Have Fun Doing It!
Let’s face it, we have asked you to take a day away from your life to come and spend it with us. We will work our butts off to make sure that this is a day well spent with us. That you WILL come away with the tools you need to run a kick-ass business and have fun doing it!

#4: Fashion Show NEW FOR 2016
Communication with image is important to business success. With the help of Dev Ramsumair and Kylie and Jonathon, we have created a fashion show that will round out our spectacular day.

#5: “The Real You” Makeover Contest – NEW FOR 2016
This contest is open to women entrepreneurs who are needing a change in their look. The contest opened March 8 and runs until 4 p.m. EST, April 8, 2016. Our event will be the big reveal of this lucky winner who will be made over by Hair Expert Johnny Cupello, Make-up Artist Shirley Wu and Style Experts Kylie and Jonathan.

If you are feeling like this event could make an impact in your life and in your business, now’s the time to decide. Early Bird pricing is now in effect until April 1.

The first 40 ticket holders will received a free copy of “The Incredibility Factor,” by Teresa Kruze.

Buy your ticket now, save AND a receive a FREE gift!
So there you have it, Five VERY specific reasons that we feel you why I Am The Boss 2016 will be worth your while. Are there more reasons than these? You betcha there are! But these were some of the ones that we find most important, that’s why we wanted to share them with you.

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If you are feeling that this event could make an impact in your life and in your business, now’s the time to decide.

Here’s what you will learn from our speakers:

  • Tips on how to get into the media
  • The importance of creating a consistent message across all communication mediums
  • How to build credibility and gain massive exposure fast
  • How to build memberships and create followers
  • ideas for dressing for success and the difference it can make in attracting the right clients
  • How to have a powerful sales conversation

Here’s How to Know If This Event Is Right For You:

Do you or your business need a pick-me-up, a recharge or just some motivation? Do you think that you have the ability to be more successful then you already are? Do you think that learning from other successful people in a room full of people just like you, is the best way to achieve this?

If you are nodding your head yes to any of these questions, the I Am The Boss 2016 is for you.

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Common Mistake
People tend to get on a path and stay on that path in their lives, sometimes afraid to make a change because it’s scary and new. They are willing to accept their life as it is without change or improvement.

The fact of the matter is that everyone needs a change. Life needs to stay interesting and different so that we challenge ourselves as humans.

What is I Am The Boss 2016?

  • A full day of training – with KeyNote speakers and panels of experts
  • A lite lunch
  • Fashion show
  • Gifts and Prizes
  • “The Real You” Makeover Reveal


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It’s a day of training, workshops, and networking. Learn how to: turn your networking into sales, to create 6 figures from home, use social media marketing to build your business, and much more.

Who are the vendors that want to be at I Am The Boss?“

You are someone with a viable business option, or provide a service or product that supports a small to medium size business and want to share this opportunity with one of the top target markets, women.

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