Carolyn and JackieI Am the Boss is the brainchild of Carolyn Dickinson who created the first event in 2012 by herself. In 2013, Jackie Ranahan spoke on social media and email marketing and was hooked on the idea of a 1-day training event that was geared to the challenges that women face in building and maintaining a business. In 2014, Carolyn and Jackie became partners in the I Am The Boss Event and together they are wanting to change the way that women approach their businesses.

As a Moms each of two Carolyn and Jackie found the demand to be a Mom-preneur a challenge with not a lot of resources for help. Juggling the “mommy-guilts” while building a successful business is something a lot of women face. The idea of even starting a family sometimes seems out of reach. But, it can be accomplished!

I Am The Boss was created as a resource to help women in business meet, network and learn from other women who have struggled and made it. Life is always going to present a challenge, but it’s how you connect the dots to make it a success that matters.



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